Here are the directions for the Master Chef Cook-Off game I spoke about with in my interview with Shawn Howell. This could be a great youth group game to tie your message to something fun and memorable. You're group is sure to remember a message with “fancy” appetizers!

3 or more student “chefs”
2 or more adult “judges”

•10 or more random, food ingredients you’d normally mix together to make a meal
•Fancy paper or plastic plates
•Squeeze bottles containing sauces to decorate the entré for presentation points

•Spray cheese
•Bacon bits
•Gummy worms
•Parmesan cheese

The chefs compete for 2 minutes and create the same appetizer for each judge using only 6 of the supplied ingredients.

Play upbeat music and have the spectators cheer on the chefs while the timer is counting down.

After the 2-minute timer expires, have each chef reveals the appetizers to the judges and explain the presentation and the ingredients used. The judges taste the appetizers after each chef’s reveal.

Once all the appetizers have been tasted, the judges vote on taste and presentation to choose a winner.