I love to help leaders and organizations as they discern their next steps and start moving in healthy directions. In a coaching role, I am not consulting or doing therapy. There are great people who do that kind of work but that’s not what coaching is. Coaching is a commitment to guiding you or your organization through a process of determining what your next step is and how best to get there. It’s not about telling you what to do or helping you deal with what has already happened. It is a “future-focused” process that will move you ahead and get you unstuck.

In my coaching work I am available to work one-on-one with individuals as well as organizations. Whether you’re an established organization or leader looking for your next step or just starting out, coaching can be a valuable process toward getting you or your team moving again.

If you’re interesting in working with you or your organization please contact me using the form below.

About my Coaching Certification

I am a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Advanced Coaching, having completed their Advance Coaching Mastery 2.0 training.

The Advanced Coaching Mastery (ACM) is a workshop designed as an accelerated, intensive immersion-style course tailored to develop mastery in the science, art and business of people development. Learning includes lecturing, one-on-one practice and small group sessions.

Learn and practice the specialized competencies and frameworks to masterfully manage coaching conversations. Explore the latest evidence-based change technology and developments in leadership coaching, and master the coaching skills of diagnosis, assessment and developmental planning in this immersion-style four-day certification workshop. Graduates earn the prestigious and recognized Advanced Coaching Master (ACM) designation.

Coaching gave me the confidence to say, “Yes! I am great at what I do, but I can always be better and I can always be guided.” Coaching called me higher and deeper into my relationship with Jesus and into my relationships with my students.

Sue Hyland  Germantown UMC

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