Sharon Hilliard

Charlie has been a great coach this year! She was the perfect person to guide and push me to grow in my leadership style and approaches. She saw me and my position struggles, and named the problem immediately so that I could start work immediately on improving my confidence and confronting those involved in my struggles at church.   She is fun, and encouraging, and full of life. She has inspired me to keep on working, to feel confident, and to feel confidence in my leadership. She was organized, and knowledgable, and knew great resources to direct me to for further growth.  She is an amazing Youth pastor as I was blessed to hear her speak at Lake Junaluska last summer. She made my youth feel special and that was so important to them. I feel blessed to have been coached by her.  She is awesome!

Jason Rhymer

Charlie Conder accomplished the seemingly impossible! She walked into a room of 70 middle schoolers, 12 adults, and 2 high schoolers she had never met, and through her vulnerable, honest sharing, made a huge impact on how we view ourselves as Christians. Charlie’s humor, sincerity, and straight-forward honesty led to deeper conversations about identity, being made in God’s image, and how the Creator loves the creation. We are so grateful that Charlie spent the weekend with us, and our middle schoolers are still talking about the words she shared. Thank you Charlie!

Sue Hyland

Coaching gave me the confidence to say, “Yes! I am great at what I do, but I can always be better and I can always be guided.” Coaching called me higher and deeper into my relationship with Jesus and into my relationships with my students.

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